Hello everyone!

Today is November 22, 2023, which means it has been 3 years since the project's development began, and it is time for C·World to officially launch its whitepaper and platform.

C·World initially started as a gamefi, and after testing and upgrades, C·World has officially stepped into the Metaverse with support from its partners.

First, C·World would like to express gratitude to the Cluvens technology computer chair brand and GIMI Cockpit for sponsoring the initial development of C·World during challenging market times.

Next, C·World would like to thank the world's top 2 exchange platform, OKX, for their significant support in the community development and payment technology platform of C·World.

To thank the community for their support, the C·World team is launching a series of celebratory events. The event series will continue until the official listing of the $CW token.


Time: 22/11/2023 - 22/12/2023

Accounts registered under the referral code of C•WORLD (87352546) will receive the following benefits.

- From 50k to 200k Volum, Airdrop 20 $CW
- From 200k to 400k Volum, Airdrop 50 $CW
- From 500k to 700k Volum, Airdrop 100 $CW
- From 1 million Volum, Airdrop 200C $CW
- Additionally, all accounts registered under the referral code of C•WORLD and with transactions of less than 50k will receive 5 $CW.
- All members are eligible to participate in the lucky draw to receive the GEN-1 NFT (unique token mining machine in the 3rd generation Game).
Note: Only UIDs at OKX will be counted. The rewards you receive will be in the form of $CW tokens distributed directly
after listing for 3 days. $CW tokens can only be obtained through events. here are no private or IDO rounds for $CW tokens,
they can only be obtained through community events.

Why we choose to follow UID. UID on OKX has been KYC 100%. Ensuring that the participating community are real players, not bots. Rewards will be distributed to players fairly and accurately.

Thank you all for your support.

C·World Team!




LOUISA brand is a combination of a harmonious combination of sophistication and modernity from Western fashion with pure beauty and hidden East Asia.

The mainly fabrics LOUISA use are imported entirely from Korea, Japan and hand embroidery techniques, skillful craftsmanship of Vietnam.

Founded in April 2016, LOUISA currently has only 1 physical store at 45 Kim Ma, Hanoi, Vietnam.

LOUISA SIGNATURE_ The art of dressing

LOUISA SIGNATURE is a Vietnamese fashion design brand that has been chosen by celebrities and VTV television MCs. KLINK herself has been using LOUISA products since 2018, with meticulously handcrafted designs, imported materials, detailed and form-fitting shapes that accentuate her waist.

In 2021, KLINK worked directly with Ngo Bich Huyen, the CEO of LOUISA, to transform her collection into fashion NFTs. LOUISA will be the first and only representative in the Vietnamese fashion industry to lead the trend of converting products into NFTs.

International customers can collect and support Vietnamese brands through

LOUISA SIGNATURE_ "The art of dressing" goes beyond just wearing clothes.

Website Fashion:






GIMI COCKPIT is a global enterprise specializing in innovative office furniture and computer cockpits. Their focus is on providing a happy and enjoyable working experience for individuals worldwide. The company has gained recognition for their development and design of zero-gravity computer chairs, leading the way in innovation and change within the industry.

As a high-tech enterprise, GIMI COCKPIT integrates research and development, production, sales, and service. They hold over 20 patents and uphold values of integrity, truth-seeking, and innovative development. Initially, the company focused on original design manufacturing (ODM) for global customers in the cockpit industry. Their products have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions across the globe. GIMI COCKPIT has collaborated with renowned computer manufacturers like Acer and Predator, as well as gaming chair brands such as Auto Full, for design and production.

GIMI products are known for their affordability and optimal market positioning. They offer beautiful, sophisticated, and high-tech products that are accessible to users. In a strategic move, GIMI COCKPIT has authorized C.WORLD to exclusively convert their product rights into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). As part of their collection on, they will soon release designs specifically tailored for players in C.WORLD and the crypto market.

This collaboration between GIMI COCKPIT and C.WORLD demonstrates the integration of traditional industries with the digital world of NFTs, pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in the market.




Founder's Story:

Mr. Abu, the founder of Cluvens, is a trailblazer and industry leader in the field of zero-gravity computer cockpits in China. His journey began after graduating from university in 2009 when he designed China's first zero-gravity computer cockpit, the Veyron. This groundbreaking product quickly gained recognition as a benchmark in the computer cockpit industry and served as a source of inspiration for new players in the market. In 2014, Mr. Abu established two brands, Ingrem and Cluvens, further cementing his position as a visionary in the industry.

Every computer cockpit designed by Mr. Abu has garnered widespread acclaim worldwide. With distribution in over 70 countries and regions, his products have achieved remarkable sales success. In 2019, Mr. Abu made the decision to leave the company he founded, Ingrem, and embarked on a new venture with Cluvens. Leveraging his avant-garde and daring creative concepts, Cluvens has continued to push boundaries in the industry. The launch of the Scorpio computer cockpit in 2020, with its unique bionic design and multi-posture deformation capabilities, quickly gained popularity and remains a sought-after product in the market.

Founded in China in 2016, Cluvens has established itself as a reputable brand with seven years of continuous development. The brand has garnered a strong following among gamers and bloggers alike. One of Cluvens' most notable products is the Scorpion-shaped chair, which has received rave reviews from renowned YouTubers around the world.

On November 1, 2023, C.WORLD officially became the authorized partner of Cluvens, enabling the conversion of their COMPUTER COCKPIT products into NFTs. This collaboration signifies the integration of traditional products with the digital realm, opening up new possibilities and expanding the reach of Cluvens' innovative designs.


Follow Cluvens collection at NFT MARKET - BRAND.  


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