1. NFT - BRAND

NFT Market is an intermediary that connects consumers and crypto players with real-world industries. Consumers can also act as investors by holding NFT of the issuing enterprise to benefit from the enterprise.

The NFT Market carefully selects and screens reputable, high-quality, and unique brands to be listed. Each NFT corresponds to a real product from the industry, and global payments can be made using the USDT cryptocurrency.

The affiliated brands on the NFTs Market include:

          1.Cluvens Computer Cockpit

          2. GIMI Cockpit

          3. GravaStar

          4. Louisa

C·World the platform, is currently focused on developing technology products that cater to the needs of gamers and traders. Louisa is a high-end fashion brand specifically designed for women in the crypto market.

Here are some key points regarding the NFT - BRAND:

- Annually, 10% of the profits will be deducted by the brands and shared with the NFT' brand owners.
- Annually, 20% of the profits from NFT Market will be shared among the NFT.
- Money spent at NFT Market will be accumulated to level up, and the higher the level, the more annual airdrops and exclusive benefits you will receive
- For every 1 USDT spent, 1 accumulated point is earned. 

          2. NFT GAME FI

NFT GameFi is a technical product created within a game, allowing players to freely buy and sell NFT on the NFT Market. Each NFT will have special exclusive rights based on its level. A transaction fee of 5% is charged from the seller's wallet.

Through events, members have the opportunity to receive NFT - Brand or NFT - Game Fi.

C·World Team  




Responsible for teaching content on blockchain programming and
web3 at cw Academy: PhD.Huy Vu graduated from the National
University of Ukraine and has 11 years of research experience in
blockchain technology.

In 2019, he returned to Vietnam as a Blockchain Consultant and
worked at the National University of Vietnam. PhD.Huy Vu hopes to
introduce blockchain technology into education in Vietnam so that
young people can access this promising technology.

70% of the tuition fees will be used to establish a fund for the future
development of underprivileged, disabled, and remote area
children, as well as to provide full scholarships for talented children
who have a passion for and aptitude in blockchain technology.
The tuition fees will be paid in $CW.





You are correct. C·World is a world that has been created with the aim of eventually reaching the concept of the Metaverse. While the development of the Metaverse is still a future endeavor, my team and I are tirelessly working every day to build C·World into a fully-fledged world.

In 2021, with the rise of gamefi and understanding of gamefi mechanics as well as player characteristics in the market, I analyzed and synthesized the errors and shortcomings of previous games to build a scenario - The first version of C·World.

In 2022, during a market downturn, I dedicated my time to testing products and gaining market insights. I realized that for a world to endure, it must accurately simulate the rules of the real world. Towards the end of 2022, I made the 11th revision to the script, transforming it into a simulation world.

At the beginning of 2023, some old team members departed. I brought in fresh ideas and reformed the core team, leading to the 12th product overhaul and officially renaming it as C·World. Currently, C·World encompasses features such as e-commerce, money-making games, an academy, and market signal channels, all of which I have developed.

My products will continue to improve over time as my team diligently works towards our goals. We hope that in the future, C·World can truly flourish and become a part of the Metaverse.